Why I Believe in Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

In a world where divorce is often associated with messy legal battles and public disputes, there’s a quieter, more respectful path – the Collaborative Process. With my background in family law, I’ve come to see its potential for positive change.

My journey toward Collaborative Divorce began with a major realization. After years of going back and forth between litigation and collaborative approaches, I had a moment that made me fully commit to the Collaborative Process. I realized that if I wanted to be true to my beliefs, I had to completely embrace Collaborative Divorce and let go of litigation-focused divorce strategies.

Let me share my why.

Collaborative Process is about privacy and dignity.

Unlike traditional litigation, where every detail is aired in court, in the Collaborative Process matters are kept confidential. This confidentiality not only shields you and your spouse from unnecessary public scrutiny, but also fosters an environment conducive to honest communication and compromise.

The Collaborative Process enables you to create unique solutions.

Instead of following strict legal rules, you and your spouse can prioritize your needs and your children’s needs. This flexibility allows for agreements that address emotional and practical concerns alongside legal requirements. You are able to create settlement terms that are not limited by what a judge would order in court.

Financial considerations weigh heavily in favor of collaboration.

By minimizing court appearances and streamlining proceedings, the Collaborative Process tends to be more cost-effective than litigation. While the length of the process can vary depending on the complexity of the case, it typically saves both time and money compared to drawn-out court battles.

In simple terms, the Collaborative Process changes how we handle divorce. It’s about working together instead of fighting, sharing power instead of taking it away, and finding solutions instead of seeking revenge. I believe strongly that the Collaborative Process can help heal and empower people, leading to a better future, especially for children, even when things are tough.

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