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Guardian Ad Litem

Identifying what is in the best interests of the children

A Guardian Ad Litem is an individual appointed by a judge to investigate, report and make recommendations to the judge and/or the parties about what the Guardian feels is in the best interest of the parent’s? child or children. Most often, the Guardian Ad Litem is paid for his or her services, usually on an hourly basis. A Guardian Ad Litem is typically appointed when the parents have disputes over how to raise their child that the parents cannot resolve themselves.

Robert Merlin has many years of experience as a Guardian Ad Litem in Family Division cases. He received the 1998 Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Ray H. Pearson Guardian Ad Litem Award. Bob teaches other professionals how to be a Guardian Ad Litem in divorce and paternity cases. Bob appreciates acting as a Guardian Ad Litem because he can help children who are frequently the innocent victims in their parents? contested battles over them. You can contact Bob if you are interested in using him as a Guardian Ad Litem in a Family Division case.


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