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Cohabitation and Same-Sex Agreements

Secure the same legal protection as a married couple

In Florida, same-sex marriages are legally recognized, but some same-sex partners entered into partnership agreements and have not changed their status by getting married. Same-sex partnership agreements enabled a same-sex couple to create rights and obligations that were not available to them under Florida law prior to 2015. Now, same-sex couples are free to enter into a cohabitation agreement if they choose not to get married, or they can enter into a prenuptial agreement, just as heterosexual couples have been able to do. Through such agreements, the couple can resolve issues such as the division of assets and liabilities, the payment of support and even parenting issues.

At Robert J. Merlin, P.A., we believe that everyone should be able to choose who they want to love, regardless of the other party?s sex. We are available to help all couples enter into agreements that preserve legal rights and reduce potential future disputes.


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