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Unbundled Legal Services Attorney in Coral Gables, Florida

A Type of Limited and Directed Legal Representation of a Client

Most people think that they can only hire an attorney to represent them in all aspects of their family matter. At Robert J. Merlin, P.A., we provide services to meet the individual needs of our clients. That is why our full range of non-litigation legal services includes defined legal services, also known as "unbundled legal services."

Unbundled legal services is a type of limited and directed legal representation of a client. It enables an attorney to provide the exact services that a client wants and needs, without other services being provided that may not be needed or appropriate for the client. One of the main purposes of a client obtaining unbundled legal services is to save money in the process of dissolving a marriage or resolving a paternity matter. At Robert J. Merlin, P.A., we view providing unbundled legal services as another example of how we customize our services to meet the particular needs of each client. We strongly believe that individualized services are in every client's best interest.

The following are examples of the types of directed legal services that we can provide to our clients:

Advice: A client can come to us for advice on how to handle their divorce or the negotiation of a resolution of a dispute directly with their spouse or partner. This could, for instance, be through an initial consultation, advice on how to prepare for a potential divorce, advice on how to go to mediation without having an attorney or how to negotiate with a spouse or partner. This could also include discussing alternatives to a divorce.

Research: Sometimes clients need to obtain information about what their rights and obligations are to a spouse or how a particular matter has been handled by the courts in Florida. We are able to do research and give our clients advice based upon the results of that research.

Negotiation: Many people choose not to retain an attorney in a divorce or a paternity matter, for a variety of reasons. We are able to strategize with such a client to prepare them to attend a mediation without an attorney and hopefully negotiate a settlement directly with the other party.

Gather Facts: We can teach clients how to determine what information they need and how to obtain it. Gaining such knowledge will help the client to be much more effective in representing him or herself in a negotiation with the other party or in litigation.

Analyze Information: Our experience shows that one member of a couple frequently does not understand the family's finances. We are able to explain to our clients information contained in documents, such as financial affidavits, pension plans and investment account statements. With our help in analyzing information, the client becomes much better equipped to negotiate an appropriate settlement with his or her spouse or partner.

Draft Documents: We are able to help a client prepare appropriate documents to negotiate a settlement or to litigate in court. This can be critical for the client who represents herself or himself.

Coaching: We are available on a one-time basis or ongoing to provide coaching to a party who is going through a divorce or a paternity dispute without being represented by an attorney. Through our coaching, we will strategize with our client and guide her or him through each stage of the process until everything is resolved.

Second Opinion: The vast majority of people who are faced with a divorce or a paternity matter do not have the knowledge or experience to determine whether the guidance they are receiving from their attorney is in their best interest. We are available to give clients a second opinion, which either confirms what their attorney has been telling them, or gives them an alternative strategy for handling their matter.

If you are interested in finding out more about our unbundled and defined legal services, please contact us.