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Reconciliation Attorney in Coral Gables, Florida

When a Marriage Can Be Saved

Although it may seem odd for a divorce attorney to talk about reconciliation, we have an ethical obligation to discuss all alternatives with our clients. Sometimes, a client thinks that they have no choice other than to dissolve their marriage when in reality, they may only need therapy or to learn better communication and listening skills. We always ask our clients if they have explored every avenue before pursuing a divorce, including reconciliation. When appropriate, we will refer our client, the other spouse and even the children, to a qualified mental health professional or couples therapy or another type of therapy. Of course, whether to pursue a reconciliation is our client’s choice. We will not interfere with our client's desire to reconcile or terminate their marriage.

When reconciliation may not be possible it is important to know your options to move forward.

Seeking an Amicable Outcome?