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Postnuptial Agreements Attorney in Coral Gables, Florida

Sometimes a change in circumstances occurs between a husband and wife that could result in a dissolution of their marriage. Those changes could include, for instance, a party inheriting a lot of money, the infidelity of a party, a party facing claims of creditors or a party wanting to keep control over an asset. Divorce is not the only solution when such a change takes place. The couple can enter into a Postnuptial Agreement that addresses what would happen if they dissolve their marriage, what happens if one of them dies while they are married, or how they will live their lives together while still being married to each other. Through a Postnuptial Agreement, the couple can agree to what, if any, alimony would be paid and for how long if they dissolve their marriage, they can agree how to divide their assets and liabilities, and how the fees for professionals involved in a divorce would be paid. Such an agreement can also provide what each of them would inherit upon the death of the other. A Postnuptial Agreement can even divide assets and liabilities and determine how expenses will be paid during the marriage. At Robert J. Merlin, P.A., we help our clients negotiate and enter into a Postnuptial Agreement, which is especially desirable for a couple that may have some issues to address, but they do not want to get divorced.

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