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Cohabitation Agreements Attorney in Coral Gables, Florida

More and more couples are choosing to live together without getting married. Laws typically address divorces and paternity matters, but they usually do not address situations where a couple simply lives together. Without being married, a judge cannot award alimony, but child support can be awarded if the couple has children together. There are no automatic marital assets when a couple is not married, so a judge cannot divide assets that are accumulated while an unmarried couple lives together. The couple can, however, enter into a Cohabitation Agreement, or Partnership Agreement, through which the couple creates rights and obligations between themselves, and the agreement can provide what happens if the couple separates or one of them dies. At Robert J. Merlin, P.A., we can help a couple enter into an agreement that addresses support, the division of assets and liabilities, the payment of attorney’s fees, and inheritance upon the death of one of them, thereby giving the couple rights and powers they would not have without such an agreement.

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