Common Divorce Fears: Divorce Will Harm Your Children

One of the most common fears parents have when going through a divorce is that it will harm their children. It’s natural to worry about the impact of such a significant change on your kids. However, by taking specific steps and maintaining focus on their well-being, you can help minimize the negative effects on your children.

Children and Divorce
  1. Pay Attention to Your Children
    • During a divorce, it’s easy to become self-absorbed with your own concerns and anxieties. However, you should keep an eye on how your children are coping. Look for signs that they might be struggling: are they suddenly angry or withdrawn? Are they having trouble in school or having conflicts with friends? Noticing these changes early can help you address issues before they escalate.
    • Regularly talking to your children about their feelings and experiences is essential to good parenting.  Make sure they know they can express their emotions and concerns without judgment. Sometimes, these conversations can reveal issues that you might not have noticed otherwise.
  2. Maintain Privacy
    • Divorces often become public, which can add unnecessary stress and embarrassment for your children. Keeping the process as private as possible can protect them from additional harm. Avoid discussing the details of the divorce with others who don’t need to know and certainly keep children out of the conflict. Methods like Mediation or Collaborative Divorce are designed to be confidential and less adversarial than litigation.
  3. Choose the Right Divorce Process
    • How you handle your divorce can significantly influence its impact on your children. A traditional litigated divorce can be highly public and adversarial, often leading to increased tension and stress. Better options like Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are typically more private and focused on cooperative problem-solving. These methods allow you to resolve differences with minimal public exposure, which can be much easier on your children.
  4. Set and Focus on Goals
    • From the beginning of the divorce process, as parents, you should establish clear goals regarding the protection and well-being of your children. Write these goals down and keep them in front of you throughout the process. If the discussions start to stray from these objectives, go back to your goals to remind everyone involved of what is most important. This approach helps ensure that decisions are made with your children’s best interests in mind.
  5. Seek Professional Help When Needed
    • Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your children might need extra support to manage their feelings about the divorce. Children need to understand that the divorce is not their fault and that they will still have two parents who love them very much. Bringing in a child specialist can provide them with a safe space to express their emotions and learn coping strategies. Professional guidance can be invaluable in helping your children adjust to the new family dynamics.

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