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Can I Date During My Divorce?

Can I Date During My Divorce?

Beginning a new romantic journey during the divorce process can seem like a tempting escape. However, before you take the plunge into the dating pool, you should understand the potential consequences and whether it’s truly worth the risk.  Here are 6 suggestions to consider before you start dating in the middle of your divorce. In conclusion, while dating during divorce may offer temporary comfort or distraction, you need to weigh the potential risks against the rewards. By considering the legal implications, emotional toll, and impact on children, you can make a decision that aligns with your long-term well-being and sets the stage for a smoother transition into the next chapter of your life.  Contact the Law Offices of Robert J. Merlin  If you have questions…

What Makes a Divorce Complex?

What Makes a Divorce Complex?

Beginning the divorce process can feel overwhelming, with various obstacles along the way. From financial complexities to emotional hurdles, we’ll show you how teamwork and expertise can guide you through this difficult time. In this guide, we’ll explore these challenges and how the Collaborative Divorce Process can make the journey smoother. Financial Complexity Emotional Challenges Physical Health Considerations The Collaborative Divorce Process While divorce can be challenging, opting for a Collaborative Divorce, and enlisting the support of various Collaborative professionals can lead to a better resolution. By engaging financial advisors, facilitators, and mental health experts, couples can address financial, emotional, and physical complexities with care and expertise. This collaborative approach fosters greater confidence and clarity, facilitating a positive transition to the next chapter of their…

What Is The Kindest Way To Tell My Spouse I want A Divorce?

What Is The Kindest Way To Tell My Spouse I want A Divorce?

Raising the subject of divorce with your spouse is undoubtedly one of life’s toughest conversations. However, handling it with kindness and understanding can make the process smoother for both parties involved. Here are 9 ways to help navigate this delicate conversation: Approaching divorce with sensitivity and understanding can help minimize conflict and pave the way for a more amicable separation. Remember to prioritize empathy, active listening, and mutual respect throughout the process. Contact the Law Offices of Robert J. Merlin If you have questions regarding a divorce or another family law matter, please contact Robert J. Merlin at (305) 448-1555 to schedule a consultation. The Law Office of Robert J. Merlin, P.A. is located at 95 Merrick Way, Suite 420, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

Collaborative Divorce Law Movement Is Gaining in Popularity

Years after the practice began in Florida, four years after it was ensconced in state law, and three years after accommodations were made in procedural and Bar rules, the use of collaborative law is growing with local associations supporting its legal, mental health, and financial practitioners. There’s also a statewide organization, as well as national and international associations to help those practitioners as they expect collaborative practices to reach beyond family law cases. “I think…it’s unique,” said Marta Alfonso, a CPA, who is also a Bar member and the treasurer of the statewide Florida Association of Collaborative Professionals. “There are some other cooperative cases, but to bring together four professionals in this type of an instance, it’s pretty unique. “It requires a training and understanding…

The Collaborative Process Is Private!

Unlike traditional litigation, the Collaborative Process is private. Traditional divorce is started by an attorney or party filing a petition in court that contains many allegations, which could be very private. It is not unusual for a petition to allege that a spouse committed an act of infidelity, stole money from the other spouse, committed an act of domestic violence or was an alcoholic or substance abuser. One of the main benefits of the Collaborative Process is that such allegations are not filed with the court. Typically, in the Collaborative Process, a very vanilla petition is filed without allegations that attack the integrity or worthiness of either spouse. In the Collaborative Process, all meetings and communications are private. Most couples choose to use the Collaborative…

Florida Supreme Court Adopts Forms for The Collaborative Process

Greetings, my Collaborative colleagues and friends. Last week, the Florida Supreme Court adopted forms for the Collaborative Process. The forms, which will be available online in the near future, are intended to help Florida’s Collaborative attorneys – they are NOT mandatory. The forms are tools to help especially new Collaborative attorneys become more efficient in their Collaborative practice. There is something to be said about uniformity in our Collaborative world, but you should feel free to revise the forms to meet your needs and experiences. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the forms. Thanks to all of the people who worked for many years to create the forms. After working for more than 10 years, we have succeeded…

Podcast: Thrive Beyond Divorce

Hope is not a word you commonly hear when divorce is being discussed. In this episode, Bob Merlin talks with Jennifer Hetherington about how important hope is during challenging times, how lawyers can be peacemakers and practical tools to get through difficult moments. Hear my conversation with Jennifer Hetherington about the challenges many of us are facing these days. Want more? CLICK HERE to listen to more of Thrive Beyond Divorce.

COVID-19 and Your Child’s Custody

A recent litigated divorce resulted in a judge entering an emergency order in which a minor child was taken away from a mother, who is an emergency room doctor. You may have heard of the case: Theresa Greene v. Eric Greene, a matter pending in Miami, Florida. The father’s attorney filed an emergency motion in which he asked the judge to prohibit the Greene’s daughter from spending any time with the mother because of her potential exposure to COVID-19. The trial judge entered a temporary order prohibiting the mother from having the child for an indeterminate amount of time without any evidence being presented to the judge. The mother filed an appeal with the Florida Third District Court of Appeal, which granted a stay of…