Receiving or Providing Spousal Support

Alimony is an issue that is addressed in many divorces. From the beginning of our representation, we are concerned with our client’s possible entitlement to receive or obligation to pay alimony. Alimony may be temporary (perhaps while a divorce action is pending), rehabilitative (to enable a party to become totally or more self-sufficient), durational, bridge-the-gap, or lump sum. We advise our clients of the likelihood they will receive or be required to pay alimony. This affects how we handle the settlement negotiations of the case.

Florida Statute Section 61.08 contains the details of how alimony is ordered in litigated divorces. In the Collaborative Process, mediation or direct negotiations, that statute may be informative, but it is not necessarily binding on the parties. Alimony typically is a function of each party’s net monthly income, their reasonable monthly expenses and the length of their marriage.

Our goal is to help our client resolve an alimony issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible, obtaining a fair and equitable arrangement whether our client is negotiating the payment or receipt of alimony.

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