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Slide "My goal is to help my client get to a better place than where she or he was when they first came to meet with me." Bob Merlin Divorce Attorney ROBERT J. MERLIN | FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY
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An approach to family law that makes a difference.

How you divorce or resolve your family law matter can make a difference in what your future will be. Robert J. Merlin, P.A. is dedicated to helping our clients to create the best possible future for them and their family. We help clients focus on what is most beneficial in shaping a positive, secure life for him or herself and their children in the future.
Resolution Options

Resolve Differences Constructively

Build for tomorrow.

Family transitions and divorce can be a painful time when you experience strong emotions. We counsel you how to look beyond the feelings of the moment and plan for the next stage of your life. Our distinctive solution-focused approach encourages individuals with family law and divorce matters to work constructively, and achieve their goals with peace of mind.
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