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Don’t Be Too High Up (Advice to Divorced Parents from a 6-year-old)

There’s a viral video that’s been circulating recently, from a 6-year-old girl talking to her mom about the divorce they’re all in the midst of experiencing. It’s, first and foremost, a plea for her parents to be nice to one another, and to emerge from the negotiations as friends. She talks earnestly about trying to do her best to be nice, and in encouraging her parents to do the same, so that everyone can emerge as friends. In her world, people who are nice to each other are doing the right thing, and people who are mean are “monsters.” There’s not a gray area for her; being nice is a situation where you either are or aren’t, and that’s crucial to future happiness. Continue reading

The Value of Collaborative Law for Divorcing Clients


I recently had the opportunity to join some of my family law colleagues from the Florida Collaborative Trainers (lawyer Rosemarie Roth, mental health professional Lana Stern, and financial professional Edward Sachs) for an extended interview on WLRN’s Tropical Currents. It was a fantastic opportunity to talk about Collaborative law with host Bonnie Berman and people who called in with their questions about divorce. Continue reading

“Gray Divorce” – When Couples Grow Older and Grow Apart

A recent NPR story noted that Americans over 50 today are twice as likely to get divorced compared to their counterparts 20 years ago. There are a lot of reasons why – divorce isn’t as stigmatized as it used to be, more women are financially independent, and people are more active and living longer and regard 50 differently. 

One of the biggest issues facing older couples divorcing in Florida is the presumption of permanent alimony. While many couples over 50 will be married at least the necessary amount of time for alimony to be rewarded, retirement can affect the court’s determination of how much is to be paid and whether alimony is to be reduced or terminated. Continue reading