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Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Why I recommend them for international marriages

The best case to make for a pre-nuptial agreement is that it’s insurance. People who get married don’t imagine that they’ll get divorced, but with roughly half of marriages ending in divorce, it’s certainly a strong possibility. And if a couple does get divorced, a pre-nuptial agreement that clearly states what happens to both parties’ assets and income can ensure that the couple won’t get into a long, costly, possibly contentious courtroom battle over those assets and income. Continue reading

Talking About (and Then Crafting) a Prenuptial Agreement


When a couple decides to get married, it’s a joyous occasion, a declaration of love, and an occasion for friends and family to get excited. But it’s also a time in which each person entering the marriage needs to think about his or her finances. Marriage is a legal arrangement involving a great number of financial issues, and ending the legal arrangement with a divorce has the potential for costly and contentious litigation – regardless of how in love a couple is at the outset of their marriage. Continue reading

Why a Prenuptial Agreement is a Good Idea

prenuptual agreements

I’ve noticed that there are a lot more prenuptial agreements than there were in the past, and I’m not alone in that. Last fall, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers noted that nearly 2/3 of family lawyers they surveyed reported an increase in the past three years. What’s more, nearly half of the lawyers surveyed reported that more women were initiating requests for prenuptial agreements. Continue reading