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Divorce is not the time to operate from your emotions

There’s been a lot of talk about the new Star Wars movie in the last few weeks. Those familiar with the franchise know that there’s a powerful, universal energy in this world called “The Force,” and the advice given from the Jedi Masters who are training up-and-coming Jedi is to “trust your feelings.” But they also advise against tapping into feelings of fear, which can lead to anger, and hate, and destructive behavior aligned with what’s called “the Dark Side.” Continue reading

The Divorce Lawyer As Peacemaker: An Approach That Helps Couples

It wasn’t so long ago we thought of the family attorney as someone who is supposed to “win” for his or her client. Though L.A. Law’s Arnie Becker was a fictional character meant to be a little larger than life, he fit the public’s expectations of a “pit bull” divorce lawyer. To be a good family attorney in that mold, you have to go after the other side relentlessly, destroy them, and then take the spoils of war when you’re done. Continue reading

Finding the Right Divorce Process: It’s Okay to Change Mid-Stream

Some people think that once their divorce is being litigated, or is being mediated, that they’re bound to that decision until the divorce becomes final. And people who think they’re stuck with that first choice might come to regret it.

Deciding to litigate a divorce, for example, might feel good in the heat of the moment – especially when responding to adultery or some other immediate, painful disruption to a marriage. Continue reading

How to Tell If Your Divorce Lawyer Is A Collaborative Lawyer

One of the most concerning things I’ve found in my years of practicing family law – especially with my decision to move entirely away from litigation – is that not all lawyers who claim to be collaborative lawyers are actually Collaborative lawyers.

Some lawyers feel that the word “collaborative” has marketing value, and that it sounds friendly and welcoming, so they use that word without acknowledging that Collaborative law is a particular branch of family law with its own specific set of rules. Continue reading

Changing Alimony In Florida Divorce Cases

Last year, alimony law in Florida came one governor’s veto shy of changing significantly, and it’s possible that the Florida State Legislature could be debating the issue this year as well. Last year’s bill sought to change the duration and circumstances under which alimony was allowed, and it also addressed timesharing by establishing a legal presumption that equal timesharing should be awarded in the vast majority of cases. While Florida’s legislation got a lot of attention last year for coming so close to passing, it’s part of a slowly-developing national trend examining the issue. Continue reading

Parental Interference in Divorce Cases: What It Is, How to Stop It

One of the most challenging issues in any divorce case is parental interference. When a divorce decree is signed, parents either agree to a time-sharing schedule with their children, or, in litigated cases where they can’t agree to the schedule, cede that decision to a judge who creates a schedule for them. Before a divorce is finalized, standing orders can help orchestrate time-sharing schedules and make sure that each parent gets a reasonable amount of time with their children. Continue reading